I found heaven in London....

I had the chance to go back to London a few weeks ago. This is the beauty of having a boyfriend who lives there. That's about the only perk of a long distance relationship that I can think of, I'm grateful it's London and not the middle of nowhere USA, not grateful for the expensive airfare and 6hr time difference... but that's for a different kind of blog post.

This time I told him I didn't want to do too much touristy stuff, I wanted to live for 10 days like a Londoner [not sure if that's a word.]

Sunday morning it was a bright sunny day so we wandered over to east London to check out the Columbia Road Flower Market. Ladies,  l a d i e s. If you love flowers, let. me. tell. you. this place is HEAVEN. I have never seen anything like it. Rows of amazing flowers  at least two blocks long. And the peonies, oh the peonies. Peonies make me happy in this almost creepy way, like I go into this euphoric state and can't stop smiling. This is a must see when you visit London. It runs every Sunday year round from 8am. 

Another great find was a shop + cafe called Pittfield. The troll dolls display pulled us in, but once inside all I could think was, man I need an excuse to re-decorate an apartment in London!