A Green Gift Idea

Sometimes you need a gift for the girl (or guy) who has everything. My friend Blair recently moved in with her fiancé. They have a brand new place in a brand new neighborhood and when two worlds combine like this, space is at a premium so I didn't want to get them anything blukly. Plus, they're getting married this summer so they've already registered for whatever household items they need. Bringing a nice bottle of wine is fine, but I don't know a good wine by the label, I either like the taste or I don't. It could be a $10 bottle of wine or a $100 bottle of wine and I bet I couldn't tell the difference. 

In this case, I opted for something a little different, a house plant. But not any house plant, cacti! I went to the store and saw so many beautiful house plants, especially now that it's Spring. I thought the cacti were the coolest of the bunch. Plus I thought they'd go with the sort of industrial/lofty feel of their new place. I found a cool three-plant pot and then picked out the most colorful of the cacti and planted them when I got home. All in all a success. It's a great gift, affordable, everyone should have plants in their home, and cacti are virtually impossible to kill. Check out my gift and some other inspiring cactus/succulent gift ideas below:

images via: Andrea & Pinterest.com