Easy Like Sunday Morning

So I've spent the past 36 hours trying to get my life organized. I've made progress, so this morning I took some time to treat myself to a chocolate croissant, a bowl of freshly sliced super sweet strawberries, homemade iced coffee, and list making. I needed to remind myself that I am perfectly capable of making delicious coffee at home, as I've gotten out of the habit and left that up to Starbucks & King Cafe the past two weeks. I also got some tulips, hyacinth, and carnations to keep me company this weekend, I always try to have fresh cut flowers around on the weekends. I pulled out a notepad and I've been making lists all morning, it's kind of my thing. One is a list is of blog posts I want to get up here, so please come back, there will be fun new stuff coming over the next few weeks!