Pre-Travel Beauty Routine [we're going there]

Before heading out of town, especially on Spring Break, there are a few beauty treatments I swear by.
1. Eyelash tinting: yes, this is the process of dying your eyelashes. It may seem silly to some, and to those of you blessed with naturally black lashes, unnecessary; but for me it is so worth it! I have been using Latisse on and off for a few months now [thanks to a free sample from my friend Lauren] and my lashes are definitely fuller and longer than ever. However, because of my natural hair color, the ends of my lashes grow out almost blonde and disappear against my skin tone. Dying my lashes dark black really shows the fullness and length with no mascara needed!
Thats not to say I don't pile it on when heading out for the evening, but tinted lashes are a really great alternative to "waterproof" mascara at the beach during the day. [think no more raccoon eyes]
It's also great if you're going to be waking up next to a certain someone, who of course thinks you're even more beautiful with no makeup... I promise he'll never no you dyed them, but he will comment on your gorgeous eyes!

2. Alright, here we go.... waxing. Ouch! I know, it makes me cringe a little just thinking about it. However I have found a method that makes me cringe far less than before. Introducing Sugaring or Sugar Waxing! Ladies, this method has been around for centuries in Middle Eastern countries, I seriously don't know how they've managed to keep this secret for so long. This method is totally natural, much quicker than waxing, and dare I say it... less painful. It still hurts. It will always hurt to rip hundreds of hairs from your nether bits, we simply must accept this. But I promise you this system is so quick and leaves your skin smooth and pain free post-treatment. [my underarms + Brazilian wax were done in about 15 min.]
Yes, I said my underarms. I am telling you, this is the best thing you can do before a beach vacation or a wedding [brides, hear me.] Waxing your underarms not only leaves them smooth as a baby's bottom, there is no stubble, it removes the dark tones so your skin looks even and clear [a huge plus for photos of you rocking out on the dance floor, waving your hands from here to there.] Yes it's annoying to grow it out a bit, but SO worth it!

I am now ready for a week in the islands.... is it Friday yet?