Calligraphy Party [Read: Nerd Alert]

Yes, there is such a thing as a Calligraphy Party. How do I know? Because I hosted one. Maybe the first ever. But definitely not the last. My friends Christine [] & Blair [] inspired me to take up calligraphy as a hobby. I love being crafty and I can't draw for sh*t so I thought maybe this was a way for me to keep one of my New Year's resolutions and make time for being creative every week [hence, this blog.] Anyway, it's a relatively inexpensive hobby to pick up, the nibs [pointy metal tips] and pens [aka nib holders] are usually less than a few dollars each and the ink is less than five dollars a pot on average. Other than that all you need is some paper, some inspiration, and some time. While I'm still not very good, and not totally sure I ever will be, I find it really relaxing and kind of get lost in it. All of a sudden I have a few pages of my notebook covered in words and phrases [ie: Mrs. Andrea DiCaprio] written over and over. If you're interested in getting started, here are a few great links Christine shared with me:

I also hosted this little gathering because I love playing the hostess, any excuse to cook and get out my champagne glasses.
The menu for our Sunday brunch was:
Spinach & Goat Cheese Quiche
Croissants + Blueberry muffins
Fruit Salad
& Tangerine Mimossas (duh.)