My 5 Favorite Travel Apps

Before every trip I now plan time to get "tech-ready." This means preparing all of my electronics for the trip. Depending on the scale of the trip this can either mean taking a minute to make sure I have my phone charger, or can take some serious planning like making sure I have made room and downloaded movies for flights and chosen helpful apps to enhance my experience. There are literally tens of thousands of travel related apps out there and I am always reading about something cool I want to take with me on my next trip. As I find those I will start listing them here on the blog, but for now, check out a few of my favorite must have travel apps!



1. Packing can be stressful, but it doesn't have to be. I am a list maker, and if you are you will love this app, and if you're not, well just try it anyway because you're probably disorganized. (Travel List) A Few things I try to remind myself when I'm getting stressed about packing: 1. You will not see the same people besides the people you're traveling with so, yes, you can wear stuff more than once, 2. Unless you're leaving the country, you can pretty much get anything you might forget at home wherever you're going, ie: toothbrush, phone charger, socks... and it won't be the end of the world. Unless you're going to Europe and you forget your bra, in my case, that would literally be the end. of. the. world. 3. Once you've packed, take out 5 things you really don't need, you'll thank yourself when you have to lug that giant suitcase around on your trip!

2. This app is pretty straight forward, and also super helpful. Track your flight, connection, a friend's flight, you name it. You can also set up text alerts to notify you of takeoff, landing, and delays . FlightAware Flight Tracker App

3. Offline Subway Maps are so important when traveling! I use public transport way more when traveling than I do here in Chicago (admittedly) and a lot of the time underground subway, or high roaming charges make it impossible to use standard imaps or google maps. Downloading an Offline Subway Map of the city you're visiting is the best way to stay on track in these situations. (Paris Offline Subway Map App)

4. Oh Trip Advisor... How I love thee. Let's be honest, there is no better way to judge a restaurant or hotel than by previous customer experiences. This app is the mecca of reviews on on everything travel related and is so great not only when planning your tirp, but also while you're traveling. Sometimes your hotel concierge will give you a great restaurant tip, but a lot of times they send you to whomever is greasing their palm best that week, and if you have to pay off the concierge you probably aren't attracting locals with your great food. Use this app to find great attractions as well, and tips like the best times of day to avoid long lines. (Trip Advisor App)

5. So if you travel a lot, or a little, you will likely be trying new restaurants, seeing new sights and exploring new territory. Then, you get home and a few months later your buddy from work says, hey i'm going to [wherever you were last], can you recommend anywhere to eat or stuff to do? and your face goes blank. The Everplaces App not only helps you keep track of your favorite [and least favorite] places visited on your trip, but helps you organize them into categories with photos! Ok, so maybe the organizing and the photos excite me more than most, but seriously, try it out if you're going somewhere cool so you can share your adventure with me!

Bon Voyage!!